I recommend extended rendezvous because hey, I’m long winded, and you are, of course, fascinating. 

I want to know your most despised childhood nickname and your darkest secrets, and that kind of quality content demands lingering glances over untouched desserts.


Please note - I currently have no plans to tour Canada or the US. 

I am only available for Fly Me To You dates, of which a 24hr minimum applies.

2 hours

1500 USD


the ice breaker

2000 USD

3 hours 
Lets break the ice over coffee or cocktails, then truly get acquainted behind closed doors.

the dinner date

2500 USD

4 hours
Wine me, dine me... you know the rest.

keep me longer

3500 USD

6 hours
When we simply can't get enough of each other..


spend the night

5500 USD

14 hours

an extended affair

7500 USD

24 hours

lets get away

11,000 USD

48 hours


Bookings 3h+ must include social time ie lunch / drinks / shopping / spa / some sort of activity,

the options are endless.

Duos & Couples? Add $500

The above rates are in USD & apply to all dates in Canada & USA.

FMTY minimum from Australia is a 24hr date, along with business class return airfare. Domestically, a 6hr minimum applies.

Be sure to check out my FAQ for deposit information.