I recommend extended rendezvous because hey, I’m long winded, and you are, of course, fascinating. 

I want to know your most despised childhood nickname and your darkest secrets, and that kind of quality content demands lingering glances over untouched desserts.


Think of me as the lover from times past, with who you always had unbelievable chemistry...

Eager to please, with an insatiable sexual appetite, you won't easily forget our time spent. 

Naturally submissive, I admire a man who exudes sensual dominance, controlling yet caring. I adore a man who can take charge & knows precisely how to vocalise what he likes. A man who isn't too self-absorbed to make the experience one-sided, he listens & learns his lovers desires & aims for a mutually enjoyable experience. 

I crave for my neck to be kissed & my inner thigh teased, my waist gently nibbled & my behind pink from a cheeky spanking. I yearn to be worshipped, as a goddess deserves. 

1 hour

1000 SGD


1500 SGD

2 hours

1900 SGD



1100 SGD

per hour
fee covers myself only


2000 SGD

90 min


the ice breaker

2400 SGD

3 hours 
Lets break the ice over coffee or cocktails, then truly get acquainted behind closed doors.

the dinner date

2800 SGD

4 hours
Wine me, dine me... you know the rest.

keep me longer

4200 SGD

6 hours
When we simply can't get enough of each other..


spend the night

7000 SGD

14 hours 

an extended affair

10,000 SGD

24 hours

lets get away

15,000 SGD

48 hours


Bookings 3h+ must include social time ie lunch / drinks / shopping / spa / some sort of activity,

the options are endless.

In-room dining? add $1000

 Additional fees & further screening apply for outcalls.

The above rates are in SGD & apply only to dates in Singapore.

Be sure to check out my FAQ for deposit information.