helpful hints..


I will confirm with you on the morning of your booking (evening prior for early morning rendezvous) to send the address  & instructions if I haven’t already.
My instructions will include all of the information you’ll need for finding my incall location, and parking where necessary.


Payment should be made available at the beginning of our meeting, preferably in an unsealed envelope. Please have the correct amount available, as I may not have change.
If we meet behind closed doors, it can be placed somewhere visible, like a side table or bathroom counter.
There’s also nothing wrong with placing it directly into my lovely little hands.
Rates are non negotiable


I will always be well kept & groomed for our date, and I expect the same from you.
My incall is always stocked with fluffy towels and toiletries for you to have a shower and freshen up upon arrival.
Please use the mouthwash, deodorant & dry yourself properly.
A clean shave is not expected, but a little manscaping & some cologne go a long way. Do be mindful of day old stuble, as the pash rash that ensues isn't very sexy.
Expect to sit and chat for a bit to break the ice, before getting up to mischief.


Be warm, enjoy the conversation & remember that a little sense of humour goes a long way.
This will make us both feel relaxed & allow us to connect. 
It may be a short time, but a beautiful chemistry starts happening & prepares you for what is yet to come.
Remember to never get so carried away with excitement that you overstep boundaries. Pushing for personal details may seem harmless, but it's very much an invasion of privacy, and a huge mood killer.

There must be a good communication & understanding from the beginning.


There will be times where we just can't get enough of each other, & you may want me to stay longer.
If I have no other engagements, I am always happy to continue the fun.
Naturally, extended dates must be compensated accordingly.
Please respect the other people in the hotel/apartment when exiting the building – exit quietly & discreetly.


Reviews are not expected of you, but if you do feel like writing a little thank you for our time together, Scarlet Blue is a good place to leave a love note.
Keep in mind, time shared should be kept private, no personal or explicit details should be mentioned. 
Keep it classy.
If you would like to see me again, please let me know so that I can make a note on your booking to let you know of future tours to your city.